Episode 35 | Beyond Montel: Black Men and MS — feat. Carlos Kareem Windham

Tune in to Episode 35 of the Myelin & Melanin podcast!

We love Montel Williams. Full stop. Having said that, though, Montel does not represent all Black men. In fact, given the lack of representation, you’d think that Richard Pryor and Montel Williams are the only Black men who’ve ever had MS. Okay, that was an over-exaggeration, but you get the point. The narratives of Black men living with MS are noticeably missing from the MS story.

Carlos Kareem Windham

Join us for part 1 of our series “Beyond Montel: Black Men and MS” as we talk with writer, lecturer and comedian Carlos Kareem Windham about his MS journey. Find him on Twitter @caballonegrito and IG @elcaballonegrito.

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Episode 34 | Where There’s Hope, There’s Fire: Musings on MS and Trust

Tune in to Episode 34 of the Myelin & Melanin podcast!

Hope can be an empty concept — especially when you have a chronic, progressive disease like MS. Join us as we delve into the idea of hope, and re-envision it as trust. Once again, we discuss an article by our favorite MS blogger, Ardra Shepard (you can check her blog out at http://trippingonair.com (she’s on Instagram @ms_trippingonair and Twitter @tripping_onair) about the sometimes problematic concept of hope and MS. Daana also gives an update on her health (check out episode 33) and current rehab journey.

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