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Happy Spring?

Pardon my sarcasm, but I think a majority of us are still feeling a bit chilly and hoping for some consistent warmer temps — although, many MS patients suffer from terrible, downright unbearable, heat intolerance!

How does heat affect your MS?  I can speak for myself and tell you that I’d rather go on an Alaskan cruise rather than book a trip to the Carribean for Spring break!  No, my heat intolerance isn’t fun, and unlike many people I know, I am dreading the summer months.

As you know by now, there are over a million people (worldwide) who have been diagnosed with MS.  Each one of us is affected differently; this certainly isn’t a one size fits all illness.  You may love the beach and never face any challenges with 80-degree weather. That’s fantastic if you can enjoy each season and its beautiful weather. Just know that there are many of us glued to our AC from May-October, depending on where you live.

For those of you wondering about heat intolerance and MS, take a look at the link below. There are many symptoms that heat and humidity can bring, such as muscle weakness, brain fog/confusion, irritability, or loss of function in your extremities.  With proper rest and enough recovery time, your body will adjust, cool down and find its normalcy again.  Keep in mind, this is however you define your “normal.”

Read and learn about the various strategies that will help you in those times of temperature sensitivity.  Your symptoms may just be that, symptoms.  Most neurologists will tell you that the feeling is temporary and you have not caused damage by being in the sun.  Take a look.

Again, Multiple Sclerosis a disease that will leave you feeling puzzled, which is why it is important to educate yourself and become familiar with the various types.  We posted a video about the types but here is a link that will go into more detail for you, so take notes.

Additionally, I would like to show you an example of an amazing young lady who was a high school competitive runner, and how becoming overheated affected her.  She is quite an inspiration!

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