Episode 29 — MS Awareness Month: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Tune in to Episode 29 of the Myelin and Melanin podcast!

March is MS Awareness Month. Yawn. Yeah, we said it. Join us as we share our thoughts about MS Awareness Month, and the need to highlight the whole truth about MS. The media often tells a one sided story about the reality of MS (this includes the false narrative that the drug companies tell in their sometimes cringeworthy commercials). We feel that it does a disservice to the MS community to not be up front and honest about the often harsh realities that this disease deals us.

One of our favorite MS bloggers, Ardra Shephard from the blog “Tripping on Air”.

Once again, we discuss the fabulous Tripping On Air blog, and her frank discussion about why March is often frustrating for a lot of MSers. You can check her blog out at  trippingonair.com (she’s on Instagram @ms_trippingonair and Twitter @tripping_onair)

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