* Dawn & Daana were featured in “Parody of Arizona Zervas’ Roxanne w/ Multiple Sclerosis Superstars” over at No Stress MS

Roxanne Parody Official Multiple Sclerosis Version

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*Myelin & Melanin was featured in the Winter 2019/2020 issue (page 25) of the National MS Society’s Momentum Magazine as an MS podcast to listen to. Check us out!

*We’re featured over at the Following Wolfe Tracks blog! Check it out!

MS Awareness Spotlight- Myelin & Melanin – FollowingWolfeTracks

After a recommendation from Damian Washington, I started listening to the Myelin & Melanin Podcast-hosted by the engaging, enchanting, and honest Daana Townsend & Dawn Morgan-about their life and their experiences after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). There were times while listening to the podcast that I thought…”Wow these ladies are reading my mind.”

*Check us out on Episode 57 of the Sisterhood of Limitless Living podcast.

A Conversation on Multiple Sclerosis, Research, and Health Disparities

In this episode, we speak to Dawn and Daana of the Myelin and Melanin podcast to talk about MS, research, and advocacy for multicultural communities. Join us in a deep and engaging conversation on Multiple Sclerosis, treatment, autoimmune research, COVID19, and health disparities.