Episode 10 – The Eleventh Time Might Be The Charm: Isolation & MS

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Tune in as we tackle a very serious topic — isolation and MS. MS is a lonely disease. Often, we find ourselves self-isolating at various times and for a myriad of reasons. Other times, the isolation can feel imposed on us by friends and family who may be well meaning, yet oblivious to the impact that their actions (or lack thereof) have on us. Join us as we explore this tough but important topic. Feel free to engage with us, and share your comments and questions.

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The article below touches on some of what we’ll be discussing in Episode 10, but to be honest, how the author ends the article doesn’t sit quite right with me. She writes, “I don’t feel like it’s a bad thing to kind of go on a ‘mental vacation’ for a night, etc. but be careful on how far you isolate yourself and for how long… because you don’t want to push people away that really truly care about you.”

She’s right, but that said, I’m not sure it’s quite that simple. There are a myriad of reasons why we self-isolate. We’ll touch on a few of those reasons in Episode 10.

Nonetheless, there’s some good food for thought, here.

Love & Light.