Airport Anxiety

Check out the following article (below) that was published by It deals with some of the anxieties and insecurities that people MS feel when traveling (in airports, specifically).

Take some time to check it out. When you’re done, check out Episode 7 (from way back in March) of our podcast where we touch on some similar issues.

This excerpt, in particular, touched me:

“Why did this feel like such a big deal to me? Because my “disability” is now on show for all to see. Like being naked in public. It was the only thing that had ever made my invisible illness visible. It was scary. In some ways it was like being diagnosed all over again, but this time, people saw what they didn’t see before. They saw a visual representation of MS. My MS.”

Wow. Yes.

Love & Light.

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[ Episode 7 Recap ] Excess Baggage: Traveling and Dating with MS

Pack your bags, the boarding pass is printed, sunglasses are on the table, shoes are at the front door, but WAIT!  I seem to have forgotten some things, like an extra pair of undergarments, clothes…OH and the fact that I just can’t pick up and run like OJ (the one that we thought was normal) in the airport.

Traveling has become daunting and honestly isn’t as fun as it used to be, said hundreds of MS patients. I know we laughed a bit in the podcast,  but jumping on a plane, train, or in a car requires far more planning and preparation when you have a disease that requires so much attention.

We wanted to share personal accounts about what travel means to us and shed some light on things to think about as you go into this Spring and Summer travel season. Below you can download a helpful checklist that may help as you pack for your travels. Yes!  We want to inundate you with tools that will help!

Love & Light


D & D

Episode 7 — Excess Baggage: Traveling and Dating with MS

Listen to Episode 7  of Myelin & Melanin!

Traveling and dating with MS is no walk in the park — it’s often fraught with anxiety and hassle. To put it simply, MS is excess baggage. Join us as we discuss some of our experiences and musings on traveling and dating with MS.

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