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UPDATE: 8/31/2021 — Dawn still has not given Daana access to their shared business e-mail account or Facebook or Instagram accounts. She continues to fraudulently use Daana’a intellectual property. The Myelin & Melanin (name and logo) is not hers to use, change, or manipulate.

On July 16th, 2021, Dawn Morgan, co-host of the Myelin & Melanin Podcast (ending in July 2021) locked Daana Townsend out of their shared Instagram and Facebook accounts as well as their shared business e-mail account, in an attempt to erase Daana (who edited, maintained, and produced the podcast since its inception).

In addition, she is intentionally sabotaging business agreements, relationships, and contractual obligations (specifically with WEGO Health) to which Daana has committed.

The public declarations she is making on social media (namely Instagram and Facebook) are false. She deletes comments and blocks people who are expressing their understandable outrage and confusion. The narrative she is painting on social media is fraudulent and untrue. People and organizations that plan to continue to support Dawn Morgan need to be aware of this toxic, fraudulent, and libelous behavior.

To be clear, while the Myelin & Melanin Podcast is ending, Myelin & Melanin, LLC (the business) is not. That was never the plan. The podcast is not the business. Keep this in mind as you read the false narrative she has created about Daana and her involvement and intentions.

There is no Myelin & Melanin without its co-founder and producer, Daana Townsend.

As Daana still has ownership of the podcast hosting platform (and website), she will be releasing an episode Saturday, 7/24 to address and unpack this incredibly sad (and frankly desperate) situation.

The episode will stream wherever you find podcasts, on the Myelin & Melanin feed. I encourage all who are interested in the truth to listen.

For more information, please contact:

EDIT 7/25/21: Please note that Dawn has published a video on the former Myelin & Melanin YouTube channel (and introduces it as Episode 162, which is curious, as there are only 143 published episodes on the official stream). While she and her sidekick, Jenna Green, mention and speak of Daana very kindly, please be aware that: 1. Daana is still locked out of the Myelin & Melanin e-mail account; 2. Daana is still locked out of the Myelin & Melanin Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Don’t be fooled by this gaslighting. Current and future partners that plan to partner with Dawn Morgan need to be aware of this.

Please listen below for the official statement and final episode.

Episode 143 | The Final Episode: The End (feat. Courtney Townsend & Carlos Kareem Windham)

Part 1 of this episode is a statement from Daana Townsend (co-founder, co-host, editor, and producer of the Myelin & Melanin Podcast and Courtney Townsend (Daana’s sister and business manager of Myelin & Melanin, LLC) regarding the unsettling and serious events that have taken place since July 16, 2021.