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We’re Dawn (living in DC) and Daana (living in WI) — two Black women with Multiple Sclerosis, sharing our musings on life, MS, and everything in between.

Myelin and Melanin?! Myelin is the protective shield that covers nerves in the central nervous system. When it’s damaged it forms scar tissue or sclerosis, which gives MS its name. Melanin is the protective shield that brings us our magic.

As we shared with Jessie Wolfe over at Following Wolfe Tracks when asked why we started a podcast: “We’ve had MS for a long time (Dawn, DX 2000, Daana DX in 2004). Our perspectives are unique and we have a lot to share. There is also a lack of Black voices in the MS community. There are other podcasts that focus on the medical aspect of MS but we wanted to add real life
experiences from our perspective; our narratives are often missing. We also find that MS is often ‘sanitized’ by a lot of MS organizations (so as not to scare people). We want to be transparent and discuss all aspects of MS – even the weird, sometimes ugly, and scary parts. That said, we still have lots of fun, and lots of laughs.”

Welcome to Myelin & Melanin! Reach out and connect with us. We’d love to hear from you. We can be reached on social media @myelinmelanin or by e-mail at myelinandmelanin@gmail.com.