Daana Townsend

Daana is 40 years old, living in Milwaukee, WI. She was diagnosed with RRMS in 2004. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Africology, a Master of Science in Cultural Foundations of Education, and is a PhD candidate in Social Foundations of Education, with a specialization in Sociology. She is resigned to the fact that her PhD candidate status will likely be in perpetuity, as finishing her dissertation presents a unique set of challenges in combination with health issues.

Daana’s DMDs have ranged from Avonex, to Tysabri to LEMTRADA (final infusion in 2016) — with IV steroids, plasmapheresis, and botox injections in between over the years. She began Ocrevus in December 2018, after new lesions were found post-LEMTRADA.

She currently teaches Sociology part-timeand has been teaching for 14 years at various colleges and universities throughout Wisconsin.

She loves James Baldwin, Black culture, being an Auntie, making playlists on Spotify, and  red lipstick.

Find her on Instagram @retrosoul__