[ Episode 17 Recap ] Shift the Paradigm: Living Your Best Life Despite MS

Changing your way of thinking is a big adjustment for a lot of people. Of course, we go through life expecting our lives to look different as we age, but when it comes to those of us with MS that’s a hard pill to swallow.

In episode 17 we talked about how difficult it can be to accept the fact that yes, life has changed, & we HAVE to alter our lives a bit.  So what does that look like?  For those of us with MS, it means we paradigm shift.  This week we had the pleasure of having a brilliant neurologist, Dr. Aaron Boster, provide us with vital information about paradigm shifting, and what it looks like for Multiple Sclerosis patients.  Dr. Boster of Ohio Health MS Center in Columbus Ohio says that paradigm-shifting is, learning how to adapt despite the MS challenges that step in your way.  Take a look at his video on Youtube about this topic and ask yourself if there are areas in your life that can benefit from a shift.

Dr.B discusses the concept of “Paradigm Shifting” to thrive despite having Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis can result in loss of functions (for example balance). When this occurs it can be challenging to learn to adapt and eventually overcome, despite this new limitation. Learning a new DIFFERENT way to accomplish the old tasks using new ways can result in success. Paradigm shifting is important.”

During the podcast, both Daana & I mentioned the emotional toll it can take when you find yourself living a new normal.  Quite often this “normal” isn’t one that we are ready to accept into our lives.  That’s OK!  There is a process when planning and thinking about how life will look as you go through the phases MS.

Start with changing your narrative then allow the shifting to begin.  Be KIND and GENTLE with yourself, remember this is a “marathon and not a sprint.”

Happy shifting MS warriors!

Dawn & Daana