Episode 97 | This Part: Intimacy & MS (Realm 3, Part 1) — feat. Emily Royce

Get ready for Realm 3 (Part 1)! We’re taking the concept of intimacy further. Today we’re joined by Pleasure Activist, Somatic Sex Educator, and MSer Emily Royce. 

Emily Royce is a Somatic Sex Educator and Certified Sexological Bodyworker. Her decade journey with MS has involved many lifestyle and holistic healing routes and she is a Reiki Master Teacher and Kundalini and Yin Yoga Instructor as part of that. But it was not until she stepped into authentic movement via dance, that she discovered her sensuality was going to be key to her healing. This led to a deep dive into the world of Tantra and her current path of service to pleasure activism and making sex accessible to all. 

Find Emily on Instagram @chronic.pleasure, or her website http://beloveandbeloved.com.

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