It’s Easy to Go Fast

“It’s easy to go fast.” – Lindsey Vonn

I was watching the Oscars a few weeks ago, and one of the reporters on the red carpet asked Lindsey Vonn if it was easy being at the Oscars, walking the red carpet. She replied with a resounding “NO.” Then the reporter said, “You’re an Olympic athlete, I can’t believe you’d be nervous.” Lindsey so eloquently said, “Yes I am, it’s easy to go fast.” She then went on to say being there was a bit out of her comfort zone, albeit exciting. For those of you unfamiliar with Lindsey, she’s a 4-time World Cup champion and won an Olympic gold medal in 2010. Needless to say, she has dominated the ski slopes for quite some time.

Oddly, Lindsey’s response resonated with me and her words wouldn’t leave my mind. I kept hearing, “It’s easy to go fast.”

That absolutely rings true for a majority of us in the daily rat race. Even daylight savings has to get in and push ahead on the fast train. But my question is “why”? Why try to rush through daily life? Shouldn’t we be taking a pause without feeling guilty? Aren’t we more productive and less likely to make errors when we take our time?

How does this relate to people with MS? We know that mobility can pose a challenge to those that have gait issues. Not to mention spasticity, which makes muscles feel like 1,000-pound weights at times. Becoming too tired as you rush through your day can pose problems and possibly spin you into a whirlwind — or even worse, lead you to symptoms going awry.

I think in order to feel better about checking things off of your list, it is important to remember to rest.  SLOW DOWN.   I think you may find interest in how many view life in the slow lane. The article below goes into more explanation on the importance of slowing, resting and taking breaks. “It’s easy to go fast”,  isn’t it?

Check this out:

Importance of Rest with Multiple Sclerosis | DemosHealth

What are some things that you do to slow down? 

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Have a great day!