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Roxanne Parody Official Multiple Sclerosis Version

Parody of Arizona Zervas’ Roxanne w/ Multiple Sclerosis superstars, @Dr. Brandon Beaber @Myelin&MelaninPodcast @Tripping_OnAir, @MSguided_Bits, @TheJennaGree…

*Myelin & Melanin was featured in the Winter 2019/2020 issue (page 25) of the National MS Society’s Momentum Magazine as an MS podcast to listen to. Check us out!

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Dawn’s Story of Treating Multiple Sclerosis with Medical Cannabis

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MS Awareness Spotlight- Myelin & Melanin – FollowingWolfeTracks

After a recommendation from Damian Washington, I started listening to the Myelin & Melanin Podcast-hosted by the engaging, enchanting, and honest Daana Townsend & Dawn Morgan-about their life and their experiences after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). There were times while listening to the podcast that I thought…”Wow these ladies are reading my mind.”

*Check us out on Episode 57 of the Sisterhood of Limitless Living podcast.

A Conversation on Multiple Sclerosis, Research, and Health Disparities

In this episode, we speak to Dawn and Daana of the Myelin and Melanin podcast to talk about MS, research, and advocacy for multicultural communities. Join us in a deep and engaging conversation on Multiple Sclerosis, treatment, autoimmune research, COVID19, and health disparities.

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Sisterhood of Limitless Living Podcast Celebration with Dawn and Daana of Myelin and Melanin!

Our talk with Daana and Dawn of the Myelin and Melanin podcast about MS, celebrating the podcasting experience, and overall autoimmune wellness. Myelin and M…

*We’re interviewed by Damian Washington for MS Views and News.

Multiple Sclerosis and Intimacy

June 2020 – MS VIEWS NOW brings Damian Washington with Dawn & Daana of Myelin and Melanin together to discuss intimacy and relationships! A special thank you…

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Black People and MS – an interview of learning with Myelin and Melanin Podcast Ladies

this is Eliz. I must offer an apology. I chatted with Dawn and Daana about this subject back in late February, early March. Just as I went to go to share, Covid19 was peaking, and I was starting to advance in my own health journey.

*Check us out on the Inspired Women Podcast with Megan Hall! We had so much fun talking with her!

‎The Inspired Women Podcast: Marginalization & Discrimination Featuring Dawn Morgan & Daana Townsend on Apple Podcasts

‎Welcome to The Inspired Women Podcast. In today’s episode your host Megan Hall interviews Dawn Morgan and Daana Townsend of Myelin & Melanin. Daana and Dawn are two Black women sharing their musings on life, MS and everything in between. Although they live with Multiple Sclerosis and this is a HUGE…

*The Shit You Should Care About Instagram account listed Myelin & Melanin as a podcast you should listen to for Disability Pride Month!

*The Schools For Freedom Instagram account featured Daana (and her work with Myelin & Melanin)!

I can’t remember where or when I first heard about the Myelin & Melanin podcast, but it was a revelation. I love the dynamic between Daana Townsend and Dawn Morgan. Daana “loves James Baldwin, Black culture, being an Auntie, making playlists on Spotify, and red lipstick.” On the podcast, both women’s transparency about their experiences, critical lens when it comes to systemic issues, and humor are key. They are a much needed voice in the MS space, which -like many disability communities- is too white. — Daana Townsend, she/her [image description: black and white photo of Daana Townsend, a disabled Black woman. In this image, Daana’s face is close up and she has on lipstick and neat eyeliner.] “Everyone’s MS is different. Don’t compare one person’s MS to another’s. Furthermore, language matters. Don’t refer to one person’s MS as ‘worse’ or ‘better’; it’s all relative. Also, it reveals your ableism.” -Daana Townsend, Following Wolfe Tracks (2020 Example activity to pair with Daana Townsend quote: 1. Think back to the Google image search activity from Day 1. Now that you’ve been learning about disabled folx for a bit, as a community, create visuals with multiple representations of various disabilities and/or other identities (e.g. queer & trans disabled folx). 2. Consider the importance of language. What ableist terms are still used frequently? Lydia XZ Brown has a detailed list entitled “Ableism/Language” on, which could be a potentially useful resource. Why are these terms still widely used? 3. Engage in an exchange (spoken, written, visual, and/or movement-based) about other ways ableism shows itself through language (e.g. in Daana’s example)? Why is language important? What are the drawbacks of focusing only on language? Learn more from/about Daana Townsend at: On instagram @retrosoul__ With Dawn Morgan, she co-hosts a podcast called Myelin and Melanin Their Twitter: @myelinmelanin Their website: They also have a YouTube channel & Facebook page Donate to their Patreon:

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The global faces of MS – the people behind the numbers.

There are now 2.8 million people worldwide who have multiple sclerosis (MS), according to the most extensive global study to date. This video shows you the f…

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‎A Valid Podcast: Race and unfair healthcare with Myelin and Melanin on Apple Podcasts

‎Black disabled women in America experience a three-prong punch in the doctor’s office: gender bias, racism and ableism. A Valid Podcast hosts Darah Thompson and Alana Gibbs break down this struggle with Dawn Morgan and Daana Townsend from the podcast Myelin and Melanin, who both have multiple sclero…

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*Myelin & Melanin was mentioned in the second edition of Sonya Renee Taylor’s The Body is Not An Apology. She references a discussion she had on Episode 44 of the podcast (when she was our guest) where Daana talks about ableism and taking up space.

*Myelin & Melanin is mentioned in the Winter 2021 issue of Brain & Life Magazine!

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31 Days of MS: Talking About Sex, Intimacy, and MS

Day 16 of 31 This is Daana Townsend’s story: My name is Daana Townsend, and I was diagnosed with RRMS in March 2004. I was 23. My mother and aunt also have MS. My treatment journey started with Avonex and continued with Tysabri, plasmapheresis, and Lemtrada, and finally Ocrevus (my current DMT…

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31 Days of MS: An Unexpected Discovery

Day 23 of 31 This is Dawn Morgan’s story: Hi! I’m Dawn Morgan. I have been living with relapsing-remitting MS since 2000, when I was 25. It was a complete shock. At the time, I was just beginning my professional career as a teacher and was in my first year of graduate school.

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