[ Episode 14 Recap ] Ordering Disorder: MS, Compulsion & Control

Does the word control stir up an emotion for you?  For most people, when they think of control they feel confident and strong; as if they have a handle on their life.  But that isn’t always the same for those of us with MS.  It’s as if we struggle to gain power while holding on to a mask that shields the fear and uncertainty.

What I found, as I manage & navigate this wild illness, is I’ve lost the feeling of having control.  Daana and I both have had over a decade of fighting with a monster that does not care about us.  Quite often, the lack of control turns us into multi-taskers.  We carry the shield to cover all the emotions along with bringing new challenges.

As we discussed throughout the Podcast, having an MS diagnosis can make a person feel we are in a constant state of uncertainty.  The fact that our bodies have been invaded — well actually our bodies attack itself — will force you into wanting to take charge.

We chuckle, but the determination can (and does according to various studies) lead one to OCD or other disorders (i.e., an eating disorder).

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Love and Light,

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